Personal Injury

How can J. Joseph Guillory Attorney At Law help when you are injured?

J. Joseph Guillory Attorney At Law will be a dedicated, hard working advocate for you by pursuing all substantive and procedural legal avenues to reach a legal conclusion most favorable to your case.  

What is personal injury law?

Under Louisiana law when the fault or negligence of one person harms  or injures another person or damages anther person's property the injured person may take legal action to obtain damages, a legal remedy, for all losses caused as a result of the faulty or negligent person.  

Do you need an attorney?

Generally, personal injury law applies when a person acts in a negligent manner causing harm to another person.  Auto accidents are the most common cause of personal injury.  However, a personal injury case can arise as a result of intentional acts, such as a battery, a slip and fall on public or private property.

Should you file suit?

This can be a tough question to answer.  

At the end of the day, every personal injury case is different, and each case is dependent upon the facts of the case, and the attorney arguing the case.  

The merits of hiring an attorney-to  file a lawsuit-may not be evident today.  But, maybe, the reasons why a lawsuit and an attorney have merit are hidden within the overwhelming nature of our legal system.  

Jeremy J. Guillory an intelligent, dependable, dedicated and hard working attorney can help you answer this question.

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