Family Law

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Did you know that in Louisiana  marriage is governed by matrimonial rules and principles  as to ownership and management of married person's property?  

However, it is your right, and may be in your best interest, to  establish your marriage under modified rules and principles.   


A divorce, a termination of a marriage, is an emotional and stressful legal action.  Clients in proceedings such as this should be armed with the confidence that her/his attorney will maintain a position and take the legal steps necessary to reach a successful outcome given the facts within  your divorce proceeding.

Separation of Property

Generally, the separation of community property is a legal action just as a divorce.  Thus, this action should be handled by an agile, adept attorney who will maintain strong and clear communications with his client.

Spousal Support

In Louisiana there are two categories of spousal support-interim and final.  The availability of each category of spousal support is fact dependent.  Nevertheless, a client should have an attorney that will advocate for all of the support to which a client is entitled under the law.

Child Support

Whether you are a mother or a father child support and your rights in regard to child support are governed by laws.  Do you need help to obtain child support?  Do you need help to change a support agreement?  If so call my office today for an appointment.

Child Custody

You have rights regarding your minor child.  However, you can lose those rights as a result of some court proceedings.  If you need help protecting or enforcing your rights regarding you child/children don't hesitate to make an appointment to see me.